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Automate your authorization and training management Advanced management software for every step during qualification of competent staff for aviation organizations


Working in one integrated tool Organize your authorizations, qualifications, trainings, qualified staff and certificates in one tool

Authorization Management

Authorization Management

Build quickly authorizations profiles and edit only with a few clicks. Plan authorizations for your staff and issue by variable workflows. Keep qualifications automatically valid organizes through qamaas artificial intelligence. Learn more

Training Management

Training Management

Define training products and publish your catalog to staff. Organize training events including resources as rooms and trainers. Reduce work by using the automated mailing system and a todo list point out the important activities. Learn more

Learn Management Plattform

Learn Management Plattform

Provide online trainings to your staff, track the performance, create certificates and automatically record the results. Push your digital trainings to a next level by using the VR functionality directly in the browser. Learn more

Record Keeping

Record Keeping

Store all certificates directly linked to the relevant qualification and authorization. Be able to show proof to auditors within seconds. Give opportunities to your staff and trainer to upload certificates or let the system create certificates for you. Learn more

Self Administration

Self Administration

Give your staff full control and transparency about their authorization status. Show and inorm about expiration dates, propose available training events, let them book their favourite date, inform about news via read&signs and provide online trainings with qamaas self administration cockpit. Learn more

Monitoring & Insights

Monitoring & Insights

qamaas monitors validity of each authorization and will send warnings automatically to staff giving booking proposals to extend validity of the relevant qualification . Quality Manager and Training Manager can make use of the comprehensive reporting system providing all needed information or use the interactive qualification dashboard to drill-down into the current situation. Learn more

Take your benefits from digitalization and automation By connecting and digitizing all relevant information qamaas can automate activities and offers you multiple benefits

Assure compliance Automated processes and full transparency put you in control of your authorizations and reduce the risk of mistakes.

qamaas compliance screenshots
qamaas is future-ready screenshots

Become future-ready Be independent of dynamic changes in your expert team or fast development of technology by digitizing all important information and processes.

Reduce administrative efforts As all needed data is available digitally a lot of steps are automated, which will give your experts more time for essential work instead of administrative tasks.

qamaas reduces administrative efforts screenshots

We also support you with our expertise!

We also support you with our expertise!

How it works


qamaas integrates all relevant information in one integrated system facilitating automation of activities.

Individual Workflows

Select your individual workflow for issueing and revoking authorizations. (see example in illustration)

Access Roles

qamaas is based on different access roles to assign functionality and access right fragmented to your different adminstrative expertes (e.g. Quality Engineer or Training Manager) 

Covering aviation regulations

qamaas was developed for MRO provider complying to EASA Part 145, CAMO and Part 66. But can also be used for design and production companies certified to work under Part 21G and 21J. 

 Smart functionality to automate your process See our four solutions

Default Marketplace functionality

  •     Buy trainings
  •     Conduct online trainings
  •     Interface to your TMS

Manage training staff

  •     All BASIC functionality
  •     Manage staff trainings
  •     Email Templates
  •     Conduct online trainings
              and store results
  •     Archive Certificates

Automate your processes

  •     All LEARN functionality
  •     Manage qualitfications
              and authorizations
  •     Get expiration reminder
  •     Compliance Monitoring
  •     Staff Self Management

Automate your processes

  •     All CONTROL functionality
  •     Digital Competence Assessment
  •     Manage OJT Books and
  •     Certificate Upload
  •     Intelligent training booking
  •     Interfaces to Production

Find and book technical trainings

Your authorization an training management solution for all challenges qamaas management software and expertise support you to meet all challenges, from organizational, via technical to methodical


Designed for aviation

qamaas is designed for aviation organization following EASA Part 145, Part 21G, Part 21J & CAMO regulations.

Forget your IT worries

Start using qamaas cloud version with a few clicks and don’ worry again about infrastructure and releases or quickly get your on-premise instance configured to your needs.

Expert advice every step of the way

All features are very well documented and our support will support you on every step.

Simple and intuitive to use

Start using qamaas cloud version with a few clicks and don’ worry again about infrastructure and releases.

Let's start We are happy to show YOU how qamaas can add value to your business.

Designed to connect qamaas supports the automation of processes beyond authorization and training management. The open interface architecture enables data exchange with all your core IT systems.

qamaas compliance screenshots