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Our Mission: we make aviation safer by simplifying the qualification of technical personnel

About us

We're rethinking the concept of qualification Our offering is a cutting-edge software platform designed to streamline and automate qualification tasks in a comprehensive and unified manner.

 Recognizing the increasing complexity of qualification procedures, we are committed to enhancing comprehension and control.

To achieve this goal, our platform is built upon four foundational pillars:

    1. Systematization: We make processes, statuses, and content transparent and comprehensible, facilitating understanding and control.
    2. Digitization: Our platform consolidates all necessary knowledge, rendering it independent of individual actors and thus minimizing errors. This enables us to manage greater levels of complexity with ease.
    3. Automation: By automating tasks, we accelerate processes and minimize the risk of errors, streamlining qualification procedures.
    4. Individualization (AI): Leveraging artificial intelligence, our platform recommends and ensures the deployment of the right skills at the right time, optimizing the qualification process.

We leverage technology honed over more than two decades, validated by best practices and proven efficacy.

In contrast to other providers, we adopt a holistic approach that spans the entire qualification process chain, transcending organizational boundaries. We firmly believe that a frictionless solution is paramount to resolving the challenges at hand.

We see ourselves not only as providers but also as translators, bridging the gap between complexity and clarity, enabling our clients to navigate the qualification landscape with confidence and efficiency.

Efficient Solutions Optimize Efficiency and Compliance with Our Comprehensive Suite of Aviation Management Solutions

Our primary aim is to streamline operations for aviation manufacturing organizations, encompassing maintenance, CAMO, design, and more. Additionally, we place great importance on supporting training organizations.

Here are the solutions we provide:

  1. Employee Qualification and Authorization Management: Our platform simplifies the process of managing employee qualifications and authorizations, ensuring compliance and proficiency across all levels.

  2. Training Management: We offer tools to purchase, organize, and track training programs efficiently, enabling organizations to enhance the skills and knowledge of their workforce effectively.

  3. Certificate Archiving: Our system provides a centralized repository for storing and accessing certificates, facilitating easy retrieval and compliance management.

Meet our experts All our consultants are experienced experts in aviation industry.

Chief Executive Officer

Patrick Ross

Chief Executive Officer
Product Owner

Judith Staatz

Product Owner

In 2024, Patrick Ross and Judith Staatz joined forces to establish qamaas, drawing on their extensive experience in the aviation industry.

Patrick’s aviation journey began in 2005, where he started as an IT and process manager. He later took on a pivotal role in developing quality and aviation security processes at Lufthansa Group for over five years. Since 2016, Patrick has been focusing on qualification, training, and authorization.

Throughout his career, Patrick has worked as a consultant and project manager, implementing solutions and setting industry best practices in various organizations. qamaas brings together Patrick’s wealth of knowledge and experience, offering a comprehensive software solution for the aviation sector.

qamaas & cimoio aero Elevating Aviation Industry Solutions Together

qamaas proudly partners with cimoio aero to provide comprehensive support for the aviation industry.

Find out more about our professional services for cimoio aero: