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Implementation Partner
for cimoio aero
As experts in qualification of technical aviation staff, we are a certified cimoio partner for the aviation industry and support you in planning, implementation and operation of your customized cimoio instance.


cimoio aero
qualification management of aviation staff
With Cimoio aero we offer the perfect combination for professional training management software built from years of experience. Cimoio aero has everything your training management needs

All data in one tool cimoio aero is designed to cover all data and functionality to manage qualification of aviation staff in one tool.

qamaas compliance screenshots
qamaas is future-ready screenshots

Customizable for your business cimoio aero is designed to be easily customized to the needs of your business and be integrated in running processes.

Full integration by interfaces cimoio can quickly be connected to popular tools by over 100 existing connectors. Other tools can easily integrated by the flexible interface builder.

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Professional services over the full lifecycle We support cimoio aero customers in all stages of the tool lifecycle. As experts in aviation industry we can help to make use of known best practices and keep aligned to the industry requirements.



As part of our consulting we can help you to understand cimoio aero, run proof of concept, identify the best setting, adjust processes and plan implementation projects.



When implementing a new cimoio aero in your organization we can help with our project blueprint, configuration best practices and experience from many cimoio project to accelerate the implementation project.



During the operation we can be your single point of contact for issues, customization and further developments.

Best choice as your cimoio partner There are many reasons to choose qamaas as your professional service partner for cimoio

qamaas is future-ready screenshots
  1. Specialized on qualification processes in aviation

2. Experience of multiple cimoio implementation

3. Running our own cimoio

4. Certified partner

5. Longtime aviation experts

We are your partner for both options
cimoio aero & qamaas
cimoio aero and qamaas are two configuration of the core application "cimoio" to fit needs of aviation industry. We recommend to use cimoio aero if there are high needs of customization and operation on the company infrastructure. qamaas as a solution is pre-configured ready to use and doesnt need any IT-support.

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What fits you better ? 


Highly customizable solution

Professional Services

Managed standard solution


Set all configuration according your needs, add or change functionality and adapt the design in all details.

Industry standards & best practices

Get a preconfigured system for aviation companies. Benefit from directly from new functionality initiated by the user community. 

Use your infrastructure

Operate the system in your company cloud or on premise. Use several stages for structured development (e.g. Prod & Test). Implement your individual security concept.

Cloud based

As saas solution qamaas is ready-to-use without any “techie-work”. No extra infrastructure and installation is needed. Maintenance and updating is done continously.

Custom interfaces

Build and run all types of interfaces to all other systems in your network. All type of data can be exchanged for high integration in your enterprise architecture.

Ready to use connectors

Choose from a wide selection of connectors for popular aviation systems (e.g SAP MRO, MRO, Success Factors).

Custom agreements

Depending on your needs and type of usage, get the optimal agreements and pricing.

Terms & Conditions

Find all agreements in one document making it easy to cooperation with other companies on the platform with not extra contracts needed (e.g. when purchasing trainings on the training market)

Individual Set-Up

Run through a structured implementation process to define and set your individual configurations.

Register & Start

Get a ready-to-use application with all settings pre-configured and a simple wizard to upload and generate your data. No implementation project needed.

Single Application

Run cimoio aero as a dedicated application within your enterprise architecture. 

Qualification Platform

qamaas is more than a application. It is platform supporting you in all issues of staff qualification. Therefore several services are offered and connected by default (e.g. searching trainings when identifying a need)

Work with multiple tenants

Make use of the tenant system and run several tenants for your teams, divisions or subsidiaries. All configuration can be shared for standardization but also set individually per tenant.

Single tenant

Get your own tenant with dependencies to other companies.

qamaas as implementation partner

qamaas is offical implementation partner for cimoio aero. With our specific experience and knowledge in qualification and training management in aviation industry we can help you to find the best configuration matching your needs.

qamaas as saas provider

As saas provider qamaas is the vendor of the application. We also can support you with our consulting team with all issues in qualification and training management.

Contact us for both options

As official implementation partner of cimoio aero and supplier of qamaas we can support you for both options.

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