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Refresh your Qualification Management Our experienced aviation experts will help you to meet your challenges in authorization, qualification and training management.


The keys for compliance & efficiency We help you to make your authorization and training management future-proof. Due to the experience from numerous projects in the aviation industry, we know the relevant levers.

Roboust processes & organization

We bring our toolkit of best practice processes in authorizaiton and training management for aviation companies to organize your operation for compliant and efficient results.

We assure all required task and responsibilities are defined.

Refreshing your processes is the key, if you recognize redundancy and efficiency, if you feel a high risk of incompliance or you see to many IT-systems or manual work involved.

qamaas compliance screenshots
qamaas is future-ready screenshots

Flexible authorization and qualificaiton profiles

Aligned to EASA regulations we developed our own reference profiles for the different job functions (e.g. mechanic or engineer), which can be use to restructure your existing profiles.

After restructuring your authorization are compliant to regulations and ready to use for automated processing of your trainings and authorization.

This levers is typically if you have the feel the complexity might run out of control or if you like to automize your processes. 

Aligned IT systems

Today the major key for efficent performance of processes are well aligned IT-System.

We can help you to optimize your existing IT-system but could also bring our dedicated solution for authorizaiton & training management in aviation industry based on multiple best practices.

You probably need to optimize your IT-systems, if you have no transparent overview of the current situation, if you see many mistakes entering and maintaining data, if you are running a set of multiple system for fulfill the requirements. 

qamaas reduces administrative efforts screenshots
qamaas is future-ready screenshots

Highly skilled specialists

We coach and train your staff in authorization and training management to make them quickly ready for the daily operation.

We are developing a customized training plan focussing on the topic specifically needed in your organization: Learning about regulation, understanding or developing processes, using IT-Systems or being aware of the future challenges.

Providing extra training for your staff in authorization and training management is helpful if you face high fluctuation rates, if you have new specialist but not experienced person for introduction or generally see an issue in quality of work. 

Meet our experts All our consultants are experienced experts in aviation industry.

Authorization Management Consulting

Patrick Ross

Authorization Management Consulting
Product Owner

Judith Staatz

Product Owner

How can we help you?


Request more information or a short phone call to evaluate how we could support you to solve your challenges in authorization and training management.


Experts in authorization and training management and digitalization We support all our customers to develop the best solution adapted to the size and needs of their organization

Experts in aviation industry

All our consultants have been working in the aviation industry in training and quality management for many years. They know the regulatory, technical and business requirements as well as numerous best practices for possible solutions. 

Fast and practical solutions

We always work with the aim of developing fast and practical solutions that are optionally adapted to the size and needs of your organization.

Experienced in digitalization

Modern workflows are inconceivable without IT support. our experts know and have an overview of the technical interrelationships. they help you to develop the optimum solution for digitizing your processes.

Find solutions for your challenges With our expierience of many years specifically in training and authorization management we can help you to solve your challenges quickly and pragmatically

Assure compliance

Assure compliance

Based on years of experience and knowledge of regulations in aviation industry, we help you to setup your processes and authorizaitons profiles to facilitate automated workflows with less mistakes and more transparency keeping your organization compliant. 

Enable automation and efficiency

Enable automation and efficiency

Automation is based on clear processes and suitable authorization profiles. We help you to structure your organization accordingly and to set up the necessary information technology.

Secure operatibilty

Secure operatibilty

The complexity of technologies and the corresponding qualifications is continuously increasing. At the same time, experts are changing positions more and more quickly. To secure continuity in training and authorization management digitalization of knowledge and procedures is one option.