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Outsourcing/Execution/Take-Over of Training Management

For MRO Provider who need load removal of HR and training organizaiton we offer managed training services.

Our experiences aviation training experts support the full process of identifiying the best trainings, selection and negotion with providers, training event organizaiton to monitoring of results.

Fully integrated with your AM solution

Never miss an authorization again because of missing trainings. As integrated solution of AM and TM you will find all information and needed contact person in one system and one provider.


As part of our managed training services we offer you to support your Quality and HR department in all relevant task of training management

Individual Phase In

No company is same as the other. For this reason we start with a strategical consulting to figure out your needs and set up your individual service portfolio. This can vary due to the number of services you would like to use and the scope of each service.

Provider Management

As part of your network we work together with several training provider worldwide. Based on pre-selected criteria we continously choose the best provider for your training. These criteria could be e.g price-driven or quality-driven.

Catalog Management

In alignment with your authorization profiles and qualification we compose your training portfolio. 

Event Organization

A huge time of workload of your current staff is used for training event organization including invitations, cancelations, resource planning and archiving of certificates. As part of our services we take over all of these tasks

Expiration Monitoring

We keep your qualifications valid. Our training expert closely monitor your qualifications and invite your staff to expire these just in time


No matter if internal or external trainings, we keep an eye on the cost and efforts and provide you all needed information about the past and forcasts of the future.


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