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Attend a non EASA Part 147 Training Courses, who can approve the course?

Such training shall meet the organization expose requirements and shall be approved by the Quality or Compliance and Safety Manager. Any non-aviation training provider N-ATP (including EASA Part 145, CAMO approved Training department) can provide such regulatory, vocational or quality “Competence Building” courses as long as the process of assessing documented and is acceptable to the corresponding competent authority. If needed. Those courses, incl the training program shall be described via the organization expose by an aviation organization and shall keep the high standard towards safety and quality i.a.w. EASA Part 147 regulations. Even a Part 145 approved training organization is able to provide FTS initial, if the full training program meets the AMC 145.A.45(e) regulation and is described by the organization expose and approved by the competent authority. qamaas marketplace are able to provide all kind of trainings related to regulations and training provider.