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What approval does an approved training organization ATO Part 147 hold?

A Part-147 organization approval meets the privileges to perform maintenance training courses and examinations required by Part-66 related to Basic and Type training for License staff per category and scope of work. Those dedicated privileges of a Part-147 called Approve Training Organization, ATO do not include providing other courses such as, but not limited to, Human Factors, EWIS, FTS, Regulations, Continuation Training, Engine Run-Up, Procedures, etc. Therefore, mostly ATO’s are provider for such a course and you will receive a Part147 certificate by preforming such courses. Although might an EASA Part 147 Approved Training Organization does not have the competence to deliver effective regulatory training such as named. In those cases, they are able to support or subcontract or they will create a customized training. By buying a regulatory training by a N-ATP, the receiving organization should understand that the responsibility for compliance its firmly with the them moreover there is no “credit” in respect of a 147-completion certificate. Means any regulatory complaint training course still needs to be vetted and verified by the receiving organization and shall be described by the MOE or CAME. Mostly N-ATP are willing to reach the Part 147 requirements as the regulations in aviation are high and restricted. qamaas marketplace are able to provide all kind of trainings related to regulations and training provider.