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Attend a non EASA Part 147 Training Courses, who can approve the course?

EASA Compliant Regulatory Training Courses are courses that either meet the specific need of the organization as required by an EASA approved organization. For example, Part CAMO, Part 145, Part 21G and Part 21J or other relevant regulations. Or they add value to the Competence Building Objectives of the Organization as specified qualification are assigned per Job Function by any competence assessment. If you are looking for a training provider to organize such a course performed a Non approved training provider, pls. ask the provider for Part147 regularly standards. For example, course details, course description, amount of student’s or examination standard. The course shall be approved by your quality or safety and compliance manager and mentioned by the MOE or CAME. Note – These courses, EWIS, FTS, CDCCL, Audit Training, export control are all outside of the specification of an EASA 147 Organization. Further explanation – There is no EASA proscribed organization approval to deliver such training courses. qamaas marketplace are able to provide all kind of trainings related to regulations and training provider.